• 3 Effective Solutions to Address the Negative Effects of Multitasking in Starting a Business

    Business Multitasking



    As time and business progress, the demand for more work also increases. Businesses are discovering ways and means to make their product and services available to as many potential customers as possible. While this is happening, industries have grown and the means to monitor a company’s operations and profitability has also become mandatory. With this, companies hire employees to do this for them. While this is true and easier in bigger organisations which have stood the test of time, this is difficult and quite demanding for startups, small business owners and new entrepreneurs. Hiring people can become more of a burden, rather than an efficient solution.




    For starters in the business industry, owners themselves and entrepreneurs come up with the business name, brand, logo and all matters related to marketing. But as these things pile up in the to-do-list, entrepreneurs find themselves multitasking and carrying a lot of burden on them in an hour or in a day. Multi-tasking has been a trend, especially for fresh entrepreneurs, with them carrying out multiple tasks simultaneously. Well, this can be overwhelming and can lead to burnout. Not only that, but it can also affect the functionality of the human brain. According to the Report published by the International Academy of Business and Economics in 2012, multitasking can reduce productivity and lower the quality of products. “Multitasking is having a negative [effect] on decision [maker’s] abilities and it is a critical solution to prevent and reverse a further deterioration of these abilities be developed before long term damage to these abilities and society can occur.”




    So what are the possible solutions which can address the negative effects of multitasking, especially for entrepreneurs and startup businesses? Here are 3 effective solutions.




    1) Plan out tasks for the week and do not include “unrealistic” ones. When starting a business, the possibility of squeezing in as many tasks for the week is highly possible. But this can be overwhelming. The common way to catch up with all the tasks is to perform various work assignments at a time. This can cause disorganisation due to loss of concentration – while doing one task; you are thinking of another task or two and trying to complete these tasks at one point. Unrealistic objectives can also affect the mental state of the do-er of the tasks. Because so many things are left undone for the week, this can also lead to disappointment and stress.




    2) Delegate. You cannot do everything. Starting a business can be exciting. But it can also be stressful if you try to do everything by yourself. Yes, you need to save and be cautious with costs since you are just starting. However, there is what we call necessary costs. These necessary costs are what we call costs with corresponding benefits which outweigh the costs incurred. Some of these costs include the salary or wage you pay to your employees. But as a small business owner and a fresh entrepreneur, these costs can pertain to the administrative/virtual assistant you hire and the marketing professionals who help you in advertising and managing your product and service.


    • You can delegate administrative tasks to a virtual assistant (VA). There are trusted VA’s on the Internet. You can seek referrals from your business network or check out freelancing websites which assure you of work performance such as Upwork, Freelancer and Toptal.
    • Branding and naming your business can be a difficult task, considering you have a lot of ideas in mind. Logo designing is not your forte. You can seek help and assistance in crowdsourcing websites such as Squadhelp. Squadhelp allows you to host a contest for branding, naming, marketing, and logo designing. Creatives and professionals submit their entries and you only pay for the one entry you will choose as a winner. You can also ask assistance in doing a market survey.
    • Invest wisely. Costs are likely to be incurred. If you are building a business, you are expected to pay a certain price. But just make sure they are worth it and can help you lighten your load.


    3) Focus on one task at a time. Do the Pomodoro technique. The pomodoro technique allows you to focus on one task at a time, and on top of that, teach you how to schedule even your breaks. Make sure to use it wisely and do not abuse. It would greatly help you reduce and avoid the burdens of multitasking.

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