• 3 Things You Need to Know about Facebook Business Ads

    3 Things You Need to Know about Facebook Business Ads

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    Creating a Facebook Ad for your business may be the next big thing in mind that you plan to do after having created a website and a Facebook page. Yes, it is a good thing to consider getting a Facebook Ad to promote your company and to widen brand awareness, but creating a Facebook Ad has a lot more to it than just lay outing the perfect picture.


    Facebook Isn’t Traditional Anymore


    Given the fact that there are too many business pages on Facebook, it is unavoidable to see a lot of advertisements that appear on people’s newsfeeds that are not really related to what they need. Facebook has upgraded its standards to improve the experience of its users.


    Facebook has long announced that starting early 2015 Facebook ads that appear to be “too promotional” will slowly decline. People will less likely see ads or posts that solely seek app installation or buying a product.


    To add, Ads that are also irrelevantly asking people to join sweepstakes without any real meaning or purpose will also decline in appearance. Also, Facebook posts that just recycle exact content from other ads won’t likely appear in people’s newsfeed.

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    Since Facebook’s priority is their audiences’ experience, similar adverts or businesses who share the same market demographics will have to bid for their visibility. You have the option to let Facebook bid for you or you can also bid on your own.

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    What’s your Market’s Profile Pic?



    Facebook will ask you a picture of your target market. You have the option to choose your target market’s demographics like their age, gender, location, similar pages they (and their Facebook friends) visit and a couple more of other Facebook standards.


    The reason why this is so important is because Facebook doesn’t want you to lose your opportunities of sales conversion to the wrong people. Every click counts and that’s what Facebook is saving for the right people, who are expected to be highly interested and engaged to your Facebook Ad or page.


    In the Facebook Ad world, it is not only about how long you want it to run, but it also matters on reaching its click threshold. It’s either you run out of days or you run out of opportunities to reach more people.


    If you usually go beyond their threshold, as long as it is within the number of days you paid for, Facebook might consider increasing your threshold but it doesn’t mean you will be charged extra.


    Although Facebook lets you “pause” or “extend” your days or your threshold, you still don’t want to lose the clicks for the people who are more likely to buy your products or services.


    Yes, Facebook lets you “pause” for a few days the visibility of your ad if it doesn’t seem to sell because it’s unappealing to the public. You are given the chance to change it anytime you decide to.


    Otherwise, if your ad is continually increasing your numbers, you can also “extend” the number of days and change your budget if you want to so the ad can get you more sales.

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    Facebook Lets You Track It



    Just like any other marketing tool, Facebook will also give you the opportunity to track how you have been faring. This tool is called Adverts Manager.


    The Adverts Manager gives you a visual of your growth. It will let you see the adverts you have been running and how they are doing when it comes to how many have seen it and their interaction with it.


    It also lets you edit your adverts especially if you felt like your demographics changed a bit or if you want to focus on a specific group of people. It also contains account control settings which are primarily for notifications and accessibility.


    Facebook standards are changed because they want to maintain their fair share of people in the global market. Just like any thinking user, you also wouldn’t want to see just random things on your newsfeed, that’s why even advertisements are being so carefully planned for by Facebook.


    If you have more queries about how Facebook Business Ad runs, you can call their adverts help desk or check out their website.





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