• 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

    5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

    Every company, whether small or large, must have a content strategy in order to succeed. Having a content strategy does not mean you will have to keep posting content on social media or update the website content every six months.

    In order to make a positive impact amongst the targeted audience, you must know when, where and how to share content. About 69 percent of the B2C companies agreed that they are creating more content than ever, but only 27 percent said they have a strong content plan. Instead of wasting time on creating useless content, you must focus on having a well-planned content strategy, which will help you reach out to the potential customers and ensure better lead conversion.

    Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

    Content still remains the king and here is why every business should have a content plan:

    1. Content is at the Core of Everything

    A research by Ascend2 in June 2015 cited that, 72 percent of online marketers agreed that relevant content creation to be the most effective SEO strategy. Whatever your goal is – to increase website traffic, to improve lead conversion rate or to improve the SEO rankings, content is at the core of everything. High quality and informative content attracts customers, educates them and drives leads and sales.

    1. Get an Answer for ‘Why You Should Create and Share Content’

    Before you start creating content, you must know why you are creating content and for whom you are creating. Once you know the answers, creating content becomes much easier. Chalk out your plan before plunging into social media.

    1. Hold Your Customers

    The average attention span of human beings has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015, according to National Center for Biotechnology Information. So in order to make sure your customers spend more time on your website and get engaged with your brand, you must create high-quality content that offers solutions to most of their problems.

    By creating high-quality content you can win the trust of your customers and become a reliable source of information for them.

    1. Go Social

    More and more people are engaging in social media and with more features (advanced features like the ‘Buy’ button on Facebook and Twitter, etc.) being added to the social platforms every day, you can expect more engagement on the various social media sites.

    So businesses must ensure that they communicate well with the brand’s online community. You must tell compelling stories to attract and retain customer attention. 90 percent of Americans are more prone to engage with companies that try to make a difference. Emotion is the key driver when it comes to social media engagement, so tell inspiring stories that will build trust and win loyal customers.

    1. Cater to Customers at All Levels

    Customers visiting your website are not all at the same level, so it is important that you segment your customers and create content for every level (Awareness, Evaluation and Purchase). Focus on the needs, requirements and problems of buyers at each stage and create content accordingly.

    So, if you still don’t have a well-planned content strategy, it’s time that you give it a thought. Without a content strategy, you will waste both time and money and not even get one step closer to your business goals.

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