• 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Seen

    5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Seen

    With such a huge amount of content competing against themselves on the social media landscape, it has become increasingly difficult to make your content stand out. As a content marketer, you must know the importance of social media in your marketing strategies. However, posting content on the various social platforms is not difficult; the toughest part is making sure it is seen by the right people at the right time.


    Ways to Make Your Social Media Posts Seen


    So how would you cut through the clutter and improve the visibility of your social media posts? Here are 5 ways in which you can make your content seen by the targeted audience:


    1. Include Social Media Icons on Your Website

    You must enable your visitors to share content easily with their networks. This can be easily achieved by placing the social media icons on your website (on pages that receive the maximum traffic). If you are not using the social icons, you can miss out on a lot of opportunities.


    1. Cross Promotion by Partnering With Brands

    Look for brands that are related to your business but do not compete directly and then partner with them to promote each other’s social posts to respective followers. You can partner with social influencers, non-profit organisations, local businesses, etc. to promote each other. You can craft posts highlighting each other’s brands and then post it on respective social media profiles.


    1. Use Appropriate Hash Tags

    You must have heard about hashtags but very few know how to use them. Hashtags help to increase the reach of your posts beyond the immediate followers and thus help you reach new audiences. Using one or two relevant hashtags can considerably increase the visibility of your social media content and help you drive more conversions.


    Here are some statistics that will show how effective hashtags can be:

    • Tweets containing hashtags attracted 2times more engagement in terms of replies, re-tweets and favourites.
    • Almost 40 percent of tweets containing hashtags get re-tweeted.
    • Facebook posts with one or two hashtags get 593 interactions per post on an average.
    1. Embed Social Posts in Your Blog

    You can improve the visibility of your social posts by embedding them into your blog posts. Almost all major social media networks allow you to embed social media posts directly into a blog. Readers can then directly share, comment and even like your posts right from your blog.


    1. Cross Promotion on Different Social Networks

    Cross promotions immensely help to make your social media posts seen by a huge number of people. If you have a huge number of followers on Twitter and only a handful on Facebook, you can consider cross-promoting the posts from Facebook on Twitter to ensure a better viewing. By doing this you will encourage your followers from one network to follow you on several other social networks, thus improving the visibility of your content.


    By implementing the above strategies, you can improve the reach of your social media posts in the most cost-effective manner. Most people will advise you to go with the paid methods to improve visibility, but with a little knowledge and more practice, you can achieve your social media goals without spending a lot.

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