• 5 Ways to Never Run Out of Content Marketing Ideas

    Everybody goes through that phase when we run into the dreaded “blocked brain”. And, when you are into content marketing, this often happens when you run out of all available ideas. Especially when you don’t have a team that is big enough to brainstorm with, your stock of content ideas might drain out pretty soon. Here are 5 smart ways to ensure you keep coming up with content marketing ideas.

    Content Marketing Ideas

    1. Dig up unanswered questions.

    Step back from the process of creating content or finding them. Ask questions pertaining to your industry to yourself and your team. Make a list of questions that still remain unanswered in your industry and see things in a different light. Find the gaps that remain uncovered in your contents with these questions.

    Know the questions you always prepare but never answer. Know what your prospects would like to know. Find the unfounded beliefs in your industry. Even answer those last lingering doubts someone would have even if they have decided to buy. Answer those common complaints in your industry and how you can improve your niche’ the right way.

    1. Facebook or other Social Media Groups.

    No matter what industry you belong to, there will definitely be a social group related to it in Facebook or other Social Media sites. Find the engaging groups where people keep posting comments, reviews and discussions related to the industry. Join them, one which has at least more than 500 members, and make sure they are not a ‘sleepy’ groups. From their posts, comments and other discussions you can get a lot of new ideas for content marketing. You can also share your views and ideas to get these people to visit your site.

    1. Google News or Alerts– Your Best Online Tool.

    Find the latest news of your industry using Google News or Alerts. They provide the latest news articles and even blog posts of any searchable topic. Also, advantage from their rule that only high-quality and reputable sites make it to their list. Use these ideas and come up with a great content from your own perspective.

    1. Buzz Sumo – The Social Listening Tool.

    Know the latest data trending in your industry. Find the best people who can help you with your content in terms of expertise and audience size. Buzz Sumo tells you what kind of content works and what does not. It does not just give topics, but also information of what type of data works best for you. They show the most popular contents in your industry that were shared most recently. These popular contents can give you good number of ideas to create your own content.

    1. Read, Read and Read More, Especially Blogs of Your Industry.

    The best way to create more ideas is to read more. Always set aside an hour to read about your industry in whatever way you can. You should always be up-to-date with the latest in your industry; otherwise, you can fall back on completion.

    Subscribe to newsletters of your industry, but be careful you subscribe for the quality ones. Go for blogs that send one email digest a week as they work more on sending a single digest every week rather than those who send emails daily.

    Create twitter lists. Choose those people whom you follow and trust their content, then find the people whom they follow from your industry and follow them. So when you run out of ideas, you can get new ones from their feed.

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