• 8 Small Business Tips to Save Time and Money

    Business Tips to Save Time and Money

    There are so many tools that can make running your own small- or medium-size business today easier and less stressful. Technology, of course, has made many of those tools accessible—even to the one-person shop. But help isn’t helpful if you don’t know how to use it.
    Take the cloud: Storing all your stuff elsewhere leaves you free to devote resources to other pieces of hardware that make a bigger daily impact. But you have to understand how cloud computing works, and where you fit in the overall picture, before diving in.
    And then there are those tips that aren’t about tech or hardware, but about people and getting the best out of them. Insights from others can help here, too.
    This graphic walks through some helpful ideas—so you can focus on the daily business at hand.




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    8 Small Business Tips to Save Time and Money

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