• How you can use social media in 2017 to develop your digital strategy

    How you can use social media in 2017 to develop your digital strategy


    The new year comes with new commitments and a fresh opportunity to assess your business’s presence online. In days long past it was possible to do well in any industry without any particular digital strategy, but in 2017 a good grasp on the concepts of SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you make the best of your business. Search engine marketing is more prominent and more sophisticated than ever before, but with simple steps and a good understanding of the basics, anyone can use social media to improve your digital presence.


    digital strategy


    Using these accounts does not just have to be about engaging your customers in a direct way, though this is certainly a valuable use of your time. Bear in mind, however, that search engine marketing continues to grow in sophistication and it is possible to use these features to increase your presence without much extra effort.

    How is this achieved?


    Step one: set up the relevant accounts


    This might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but the fact is that many businesses do not have the full set. You may have a Facebook page with a few happy followers, but what about a Twitter account? LinkedIn? Instagram? Have you considered Snapchat? The options are wide-ranging and may seem daunting, but by signing up to all of the accounts and spending a few minutes on them each day, your digital strategy is well on its way to success.


    Step two: stay focused on quality


    The only way to get a decent amount of followers on any of these social sites is to ensure the topics you cover are interesting, relevant, and appealing to both your customers and others alike. This is incredibly important. No fluff; a customer/reader can smell it a mile off and it can damage your reputation or turn someone away. After all, the internet is full of gems so why would they pick anything less than the best?


    Step three: get consistent


    Let’s use Twitter as an example: no one is going to care what you have to say if you don’t tweet at least once every day. This is a simple fact. Many users of the site, in fact, tend to ‘prune’ their feeds of the less active, less appealing accounts regularly to avoid redundancy. There are many sites out there that can help you queue up a few days (or even weeks!) worth of posts, and this consistency is recommended. It helps that this will grow the amount of followers you have, which will improve your brand in Google’s rankings.


    Don’t be tempted to buy yourself followers, either. Google’s sophisticated system can detect tricks like this, and it will not gain you any loyal followers either in a culture that places high value on integrity.


    Step four: get the links coming in


    A huge bonus to having active, engaging social media accounts is that the amount of people clicking on links that are bound for your website will increase dramatically (as long as you follow the above tips). This will, in turn grow your ranking in Google, and soon enough your SEO strategy will be successful.



    Developing your digital strategy is never going to be a simple, one-step process, but by following these steps and working consistently on the quality of your social media accounts, there is no reason why any business’s site should linger in the wasteland of the second page of search results.


    Keep up with the times and 2017 will be the best year yet for your digital presence.

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