• What content management system is right for me?

    Whether you have a blog or a full-on e-commerce website. It is essential that you use a proper content management system in order to keep track of all the content that is constantly dynamically changes.

    What content management system is right for me

    In this day and age it is important to keep coming with new and interesting content in order to keep your visitors happy and loyal.


    What is a Content Management System?

    In order to fulfill that duty you would hate to have to do that manually by changing code on the website each time something has to change.


    That is very impractical and I believe that isn’t done at all anymore. But still content is regularly updated and everything remains consistent.


    This is done by the content management system behind the website.


    A content management system allows to manage content, by giving you the ability to add content, edit content, archive content, schedule publishments and collaborate on content.

    What Content Management System Should I Use?

    The more common form of a content management system is a web-based content management system. A few popular examples of content management systems are Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. Let’s learn more about these CMS below:


    Drupal has a name in being a bit more complicated then the rest but is more freely extensible in terms of development thus being a good option for developers who would like to develop modules on a powerful and flexible basis such as the one of Drupal.


    The installation of Drupal is as simple an unzipping the source code on a Drupal hosting account and go through the installation process through a browser.



    Joomla is also a very popular content management system that has been around for a long period as well and is adopted in a lot of websites. Can you believe that as of November 2016, Joomla has been downloaded more than 78 million times?


    It has a very wide community and a lot of modules which extend its use. It’s the second most popular CMS after WordPress. Sure, WordPress has more themes in it’s marketplace, but Joomla is more of a developers’ friend with frameworks that can be highly customised.



    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around. It is used by a lot of simple websites blogs to very big companies.


    WordPress as well uses the concept of plugins in order to extend the capabilities that it has. WordPress also uses the same installation process as the previously mentioned systems. Just unzip it in the web directory and you’re ready to go!

    Final Thoughts

    It is important to read around of the various capabilities that each content management system has and what you feel comfortable with.


    Obviously one is going to match your usage more than the other, but at the same time they are practically all doing the same job, which is managing your dynamic content.


    Getting in contact with your hosting company sales department may also be a good idea, since they will be able to let you know what is right for you.


    And potentially also offer various optimize possibilities along with different hosting solutions that are matching to what your needs are.

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