• Convert Your Visitors Into Leads Successfully With These 3 Inbound Marketing Tools

    3 Inbound Marketing Tools

    inbound marketing tools


    A whole lot of businesses find it challenging to improve their conversion numbers even after investing a considerable amount of time, money, and resources for their digital growth. While highly engaging content and a well-optimized website can drive huge volume of traffic, the same cannot be considered as a kick-ass lead conversion strategy. Attracting tonnes of visitors is of no use unless you deploy appropriate ‘tactics’ for converting them into qualified leads.


    One of the best strategies for bringing potential customers to your website is to make use of online tools that can keep your visitors coming back to your website for more and make them establish some sort of connection with your business. Here are three inbound marketing tools for visitor-to-lead conversion, which you must take into account to accomplish your goals:

    1. Calls-To-Action

    The first and foremost thing to consider in this list is your ‘call-to-action’ strategy. Whether it is all about piquing the curiosity of your random visitors or feeding their anticipatory tendencies, you need to allow them to take action in some way.

    Your calls-to-action must be simple, brief, concise, prominent, and enticing enough to encourage your visitors to take the next step. While creating a highly effective call-to-action for generating leads, you should identify your target audience and their needs, determine your call-to-action goals based on their position in the sales funnel, and come up with something that will provide value to them.

    The conversion rate can be increased from 1% to as much as 5% (above average) effectively if your website has strong calls-to-action.


    1. Landing Pages

    Your calls-to-action take your leads to landing pages where you get a chance to capture their information (both contact details and buyer persona) and put them into your sales funnel as prospects in order to better qualify them. Hence, create your landing pages carefully.

    Keep them neat, concise, relevant, and easy to opt in for the leads. Instead of targeting a broad spectrum of people, focus on a particular group of audience and craft interesting offers that would also be of value to them.

    A strategically designed landing page has the potential to convert a large section of your visitors into qualified prospects.


    1. Online Forms

    These are ‘Lead Capture Forms’, which are found on all landing pages and can vary widely. After hitting the ‘call-to-action’ buttons, your website visitors are directed to the landing pages where they need to submit their information through these online forms.

    When requesting information about your prospects, consider your lead generation goals and ask for information accordingly. For an initial form, it is always good to stick to the basic details like name, contact number, e-mail address, mail address, etc. without being too pushy. Ensure that your online forms are easy to read and simple to fill out.

    Generating potential leads from random website visitors might seem to be tricky but proper utilisation of these simple tools can fuel it radically. All you need to do is create value by aligning your offerings with the interests and needs of your target audience. Your prospective customers will come one step closer to you.

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