• Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for 2017

    Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for 2017

    Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips for 2017

    As the new year arrives, it is time to hone your digital strategies to ensure that your marketing campaigns are as successful as can be. Here are 3 great tips to help you to start the new year with a strong digital strategy.

    1. Work on headers and short descriptions

    Google now ranks web pages based on the content of their headlines and a short c.160 character tagline appearing right after the headline. As well as being meaningful, these snippets of content need to be SEO friendly in order to be highly ranked. So, to ensure that your digital content attracts the most people, give it a high ranking on Google, by going through every page of your site and giving it an eye-catching, meaningful headline and a subtitle that also ticks all of these boxes right beneath it. Ensure that both the headline and the subtitle have all of the key words in that are relevant to the page.

    2. Use social media

    Quizzes, campaigns, and connecting with customers. It is all happening on social media. One recent trend that you can profitably pick up on in your 2017 digital strategy is gamification. Gamifying marketing – turning your campaigns into quizzes, challenges or short online games – has been shown to be a brilliant way of engaging with social media users and getting them interested in your products and services. Employing a dedicated social media team is a very good idea here – there is a fine art to connecting with customers on social media.

    3. Write a blog – or a vlog

    Blogging, and ensuring that your blog has quality content, is a fantastic way to keep your customers engaged, to add a personal touch to your marketing strategy and to keep everyone updated on what is new with your company and your products. An alternative here is to create a vlog or a video blog: these are very fun both to create and to watch and they will help to add a personal touch to your marketing campaigns. Make sure to share both vlogs and blogs widely via email and social media so as to maximise their reach.


    What is a Vlog?


    These tips will make your digital strategies extremely effective

    Try these three tips in 2017 and you will have the formula for a winning digital strategy. You will be surprised at how these three simple ideas can help your conversion rates to soar.

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