• Digital Marketing Strategy

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Digital marketing and the concept that people are afraid of the unfamiliar and may absorb false information related to this, and shun it. Yet digital strategies are an important element of any company’s marketing armour, and knowing fact from fiction is essential to use these to maximum effect.



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    Here are eight of the most common digital marketing misconceptions, and the truths behind them.



    1. Digital marketing is only for big companies



    Naturally, a large company will have more cash to spend on its marketing than a smaller one, but even a fledgling business with limited spending power can benefit from implementing a digital strategy. Digital marketing offers a good return on investment, and can help businesses grow, so firms of every size and financial status should make it a priority.



    2. You can’t measure the impact of digital marketing


    Some businesses are put off digital marketing, as they think it would be too difficult to measure the results. This is far from the truth, and even if you don’t possess the know-how to analyse your online campaigns, a digital strategy agency would easily be able to achieve this for you.



    3. Quantity is better than quality



    You’d be right in thinking that the more often you post content online, the more this is viewed by search engines, but it boils down to what you post, rather than how often you post. Search engines prefer quality over quantity, so it’s better to post fewer, more engaging articles than more, less useful content.



    4. Post on all social media platforms



    There’s no doubt that social media can be a boon to your digital strategy campaign, but its effectiveness is largely based on how you use it. Posting on every platform going won’t necessarily bring you the results you crave. In fact, it’s much more preferable to take a targeted approach where social media is concerned, and concentrate on the platforms your audiences frequent most often.



    5. It’s cheaper to do it yourself



    You may save money by doing digital marketing yourself, instead of using a digital strategy agency, but this could well be money, and time, down the drain. Unless you’re a digital marketing expert with knowledge on current trends, analytics, and search engine best practice, you would be wiser leaving it to the professionals.



    6. Traditional marketing is dead



    It’s not hard to see why many businesses may prioritise digital marketing methods nowadays, and the benefits are certainly profound. That’s not to say, however, that there’s no longer a place for more traditional approaches. In some cases, you could actually maximise your return on investment by using a combination of both traditional and digital strategies.



    7. Only interesting industries succeed with digital marketing



    If your industry or product is what could be considered unglamorous or somewhat dry, you may think using digital strategies would be a waste of time. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you sell nuts and bolts, insurance or mould remover, there are bound to be people requiring information about your products, whether it’s how to use them or related topics of interest.



    8. I can sit back and relax now my digital strategies are in place



    It’s important to remember that employing digital strategies is not a one-off activity. You need to put initiatives into motion on a regular basis, to keep a breast with changes in technology, customer trends and attract new visitors to your site. Post engaging content regularly, update your website, generate links and conduct monthly email campaigns, for continued, optimum success.

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