• Digital vs Traditional: The Best Ways to Market Your Business

    Which is Better? Traditional Marketing or Digital marketing?

    When it comes to marketing your business it can be difficult to know what the best methods are. It can be hard to know what it is suitable for your budget or what is best for the type of business you own. The typical forms of traditional marketing techniques include things such as newspapers, magazines, and billboards. As well as commercials from television, radio, and cinema. Digital marketing techniques generally revolve around the internet with things such as search engine marketing, advertising on websites and social media. This post will discuss the two separate techniques and they include.

    Best Digital Marketing Strategies

    Traditional Marketing

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    One of the benefits of traditional marketing is that it is very good for businesses who want to make sure they reach their customers on a local level. For example, the business can advertise their business on a radio station that is in their region. The business can also promote by posting flyers to people within the local area. A big aspect of traditional marketing is that you can also give the customer a physical item that they can keep. You should be careful with this though, this is because if you simply give a flyer to a customer they may take one look at it and throw it away. A good idea can be to use goodie bags or lanyards as you can still brand these and they are more likely to be kept by the customer.


    Digital Marketing

    digital strategy


    One thing that is great about marketing digitally is that it allows you to tailor your advertising around specific demographics, which means your campaign will be more effective. A big part of digital marketing is social media, and this is one of the most cost-effective tools available to any business. On top of this, it allows a two-communication between you and the customer which means that you can easily gather feedback on any kind of marketing campaign. Another aspect is search engine optimisation (SEO) which – when done well – allows your company to show up higher on Google and be it SEO in Manchester or California, using this form of marketing will be sure to allow your business to grow via digital marketing.


    So, which is Better?


    Both techniques have their downsides too. For instance, with traditional marketing, it can be hard to track the progress of a lot of your campaigns and see if they actually had any effect on the sales for your business. With digital marketing, the customers have a lot of power with the fact any feedback they give – particularly on social media – can be seen straight away, and if this is bad feedback it can have a detrimental effect on your business.
    Therefore, the recommendation would be to try and integrate both marketing techniques together into one campaign. This can be done by making a television advert and then producing YouTube adverts that also go along with the story of the TV advert.

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