• Why You Should Engage in SEO in 2017

     Why You Should Engage in SEO in 2017

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    2016 was another year where search dominated (a whopping 93 percent of customers’ browsing and shopping experiences started with a search), and the trend is only deepening. Search engine optimisation, therefore, remains a central part of your marketing effort, regardless of the nature and scope of your business. Here are the top reasons and ways for engaging in high-quality, well thought SEO activity in 2017.

    A moving target with long-term returns


    The principles and practices of SEO evolve continuously – Google keeps tweaking its almighty algorithms and changing the SERP formats and rules. For marketers, this means keeping on top of all developments and expanding an already formidable skills set. Make no mistake, though: bringing your search engine optimisation A-game to the table is an enormously rewarding investment which will generate repeat returns throughout 2017 if you get it right.



    Organic search is king


    Push marketing has long been on life-support. A majority of online marketers agree that relevant content creation is the best tactic and will help with your overall digital strategy, and SEO optimisation for maximum organic presence is their top priority. Pair that with the fact that about half of present internet searches span four words or more, and you will quickly realise the giant opportunity 2017 presents for your marketing effort: throw the number crunching out the window and put all your efforts into creating inspiring, optimised content that pulls and sells!



    Take you time and make it last


    Continuing from the point above, the nature of your content is about to take a new direction which the creative writer in you should love: users want long-form, honest, engaging content. After fake news and shameless clickbait dominated 2016, leaving many of us annoyed and disappointed, 2017 will be the year of gaining and maintaining your audience’s trust with high-quality information. This means you can increase your content production cycles and enjoy some deep dives; they will generate much higher returns than a barrage of dips in shallow waters.



    Schema makes your content even more accessible


    Google wants to please users with ever more accurate and on-point hits, which rich snippets make even more accessible and immediate. You can make sure your carefully crafted, long-form content appears on top of relevant searches by incorporating Schema markup into it. It takes just a little tweaking and some marketing to make your content foolproof for search engines to read, comprehend, and classify. 2017 will see a deepening of such machine learning and artificial intelligence add-ons to traditional digital marketing, and they present exciting new opportunities to get your content in front of more and better-targeted eyeballs.



    Video is getting hotter


    Search engine optimisation slowly but surely extends beyond text and well-chosen metatags. Video”s are becoming an increasingly effective and sought after format, and both YouTube and Facebook are hitting it big with both prerecorded and live offerings. To stay relevant, you will have to up your audiovisual game, get engaging content presented by charming hosts and with high production values. 2017 offers a great opportunity to branch out into live-action customer engagement, and you will do well to get help from some of the great professional SEO services to make sure you get off on the right foot.



    Auditing will become easier


    Despite regular tweaks, search engines are much less volatile, so 2017 promises to make strategy overview and evaluation that much easier. Here SEO services can also help provide an external view of your marketing efforts in case you do not feel completely on top of things. However, as more AI comes into everyday marketing, you will find it increasingly easier to keep track yourself.

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