• How to Re-engage Your Email Subscribers




    No matter how robust or big your email list is, it’s probably had its ups and downs. You may have periods where people respond really well to your emails and still others where it’s difficult to get any measurable percentage of people to even open an email. What really motivates a person to sign up for an email? It feels like an unknowable thing: Email is valuable, but why someone feels the need to share theirs is shrouded in mystery—right? In fact, there are distinct reasons people subscribe, which can help you better understand how to re-engage them.




    For starters, when a person signs up with an email they have a set of expectations. If you’re not meeting those parameters, you are in danger of losing that email. You’ll also be more likely to lose an email if you don’t make the message readable on each and every device—smart phone, tablet, and computer.  There are a host of other ways to get to know your email subscribers better, and give them the information they want; this graphic shows you how.


    How to Re-engage Your Email Subscribers

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