• Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Supercharge Your Site

    Perhaps your site is not performing as well as you’d hoped and you’re wondering why? Check out these proven SEO techniques to boost performance!


    Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Supercharge Your Site


    Analysis and Metrics – put the horse before the cart


    Before you even consider implementing a thorough SEO plan, consider the following key questions – who are you speaking to, what do they want from you, and how will you tell if they’re getting it?


    It seems very simple when you say it like that, but have you actually sat down and drawn up a customer profile for your prospective site visitors? Try this exercise first, and get a better idea of how to craft your site’s content message towards your ideal customer. What is it of value that people will want to visit your website for? What will make them return? These are all questions that need to be considered when reviewing your site’s USP and increasing your ROI. With analytical and statistical tools it is very easy to see site visitor numbers but apart from sales numbers, how do you know what issues people may have with your site? How many have bailed out of orders just at the shopping cart? What does that tell you about the customer’s use of the site?


    A smart way to ensure your site is meeting your customer’s needs is to employ some UAT, or User Acceptance Testing. Often, the more you value a project, the harder it is to be objective. Just watching a disinterested person’s journey around your site can do wonders.


    After this period of analysis, it’s time to get down to practical strategies to supercharge your site.


    Quick and easy on-page updates


    Most of you will have heard about the “H” or heading tags, H1 to H6, a touchstone of Search Engine Optimization. Use of these tags in tandem with HTML5’s new section, article and aside tags not only increases Search Engine’s ability to understand and index your site correctly, it helps humans out too! Other tags that often get overlooked are the Title tag in links and images, which provide search engines extra information to classify your site’s non-textual content. Be sure to use every tag respectfully and don’t keyword stuff as this can ultimately result in penalties in SERPs.


    Check your site’s navigation layout. Is any information they may be seeking at their fingertips? Do you have an effective search bar or sitemap?


    Outreach, spread your message far and wide


    Craft your social media image with care. Communicate with people, make real connections and you will find this rewarding. Put some time and effort into email marketing. Make it classy – just add benefit, don’t spam!


    With these proven SEO strategies, your site’s ROI is sure to skyrocket!

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