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Social Media Marketing

Monday morning and you’re in the office,  feeling down with those Monday morning blues, you’ve had a great weekend relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.

Reality hits and you have to start creating and posting to several social media channels for various clients or maybe just your own online business.

Go grab yourself a nice pleasing coffee, then read on….

Social Media Marketing

Would it help your job if you could create all these posts in advance?

Of course it would and why wouldn’t you take advantage of such a great social media tool.

Use our free social media marketing platform, Yes we did say Free!

You can use it to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and also Pinterest.

Just click here and sign up for free – you can also try the Pro account for 14 days free too!

We have a fantastic content writing service that is a perfect fit if you don’t have the time to write all of your social media content. Below we have outlined six reasons why businesses use our content writing service:

  1. It saves you time so that you can do what you do best, run your business.
  2. Fill out a questionnaire about your company so that we have absolute understanding of how your company operates, its values and what you would like us to write your social media about.
  3. Anyone visiting your social media pages will see activity not days or weeks ago but often hours ago, therefore projecting a professional image of your company with assurances that someone is available to talk to in your company.
  4. You have 7 days to review, edit or delete the content that has been scheduled for your company before it gets published, therefore keeping you in complete control of the content that is going out on social media about your company.
  5. Pictures paint a thousand words, with this in mind we create professional looking images to appear on your social media pages amongst the content that will include your branding, logo and contact details.
  6. You can see which hashtags generate the most amount of traffic to your website and then include them with any content that you choose to upload.

Social media marketing by Digital Strategies

Here is another screenshot of what you can do with the platform

Social Media Marketing Platform

Utilise the social streams for each network

Social Media Marketing


View your statistics for each social channel

Social media Platform