• Social Media Marketing – the De facto New-Age Growth Strategy for Businesses

    Social Media Marketing – the De facto New-Age Growth Strategy for Businesses

    Social Media Marketing – the De facto New-Age Growth Strategy for Businesses

    A good online presence means virtually everything for businesses these days, who rely on their digital visibility to reach larger numbers of prospective leads (with each passing day). In order to achieve their marketing goals in this respect, however, all commercial ventures essentially depend on the services of a good ISP. Subscription-related factors such as the TDS Internet and net bandwidth speeds (among others) greatly influence their budgeting considerations – allocated to all promotional activity – in turn.

    At present, the dual practices of Social Media Marketing & SEO constitute two of the pillars of organic (free) digital marketing, and many companies find it crucial to their long-term growth to incorporate them in their advertising objectives framework.


    A Look at Social Media Marketing – and it's Commercial Benefits

    But in order to appreciate the many advertising benefits ushered in by social media marketing, it first helps to understand what its exercise entails.

    A brief conceptual delineation will do in this regard.

    In a nutshell, a social media marketing strategy may feature your primary online networking accounts (made on viral platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.) linked to your official website or blog page. Any new posts published on the latter simultaneously also make their way to the former and based on their subjects or promoted products & services, attempt to capture the interest of consumers. Whereas websites are mainly dependent upon good search engine optimization and paid advertisement routines to feature prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs), social media pages only need to increase their fan following the achieve the same effect.


    Organic vs Paid Online Advertising

    Most social media sites like Facebook and Instagram also provide their users with the option of running paid advertising campaigns to complement their organic efforts. But free methods of promotion have been consistently found to invoke a greater degree of confidence (in terms of business credibility) within the psyche of consumers than their costly counterparts. The sight of an ad – particularly one which has been inscribed as such – has the curious (and altogether not too unexpected) effect of rousing the suspicion and ire of customers, who may have already become weary of being bombarded with advertisements from other companies on practically every day of the week.

    Social media marketing also makes use of a more interactive and ‘personal’ touch – when businesses are desirous of communicating with their customers on a one-to-one basis. This grassroots-level connectivity helps to inspire confidence within consumers (that the company really cares about them and their opinions), and leads to strengthening brand loyalty dynamics – which, of course, prove to be an investment into the future of any commercial enterprise.


    Some Qualifiers to Effective Social Media Marketing

    To become adept at social media promotions, however, takes a bit of hard work; at least initially to get the wheel turning (after which the continuous campaign starts to gain new audience ground on its own). Although building & sustaining your audience’s trust throughout the tenure of your social media campaigns is an absolute must (since credibility directly translates into customer conversions), it is particularly important to keep sight of these indicators at the beginning of your launched ventures.

    Another important issue pertaining to social media marketing campaigns pertains to their relevancy to their targeted audience. If your company is in the business of selling writing software, say, the primary consumer grouping that you should be focusing on should include writers, office-based business executives, as well as all manner of wordsmiths who may want to employ your coded applications to fulfill their professional or personal scribbling requirements. You don’t want to waste too much of your time on individuals who may only profess a cursory fascination with your products.


    On Complementary Analytics Software Linkages

    Analytics software, which is nowadays built into most social media platforms’ basic algorithmic architecture, and may be subscribed to elsewhere (if more detailed reports are required), comes in very handy in this regard. With the simple click of a button, and some entries specifying your products/services portfolio, you can gain crucial insights into the demand preferences of prospective customers, as well as details on their age, sex, national origin and other particulars.

    As has already been alluded to above, in order to pursue constantly effective online marketing campaigns, it is important to first have a basic Internet subscription that is also reliable. For purely social advertising needs, it helps to sign-up for an Internet without cable service, since you don’t want to spend any of your money on services that are not pivotal to your core business operations.



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