• How to Use Social Networks to Attract Your Target Audience

    Social networks allow us to discover and connect with new people who might be interesting for our business or company. One of the keys is to generate engagement is to communicate a clear and effective message, without wasting time and effort sharing valuable messages, repetitive or only sales offers.



    How to Use Social Networks to Attract Your Target Audience


    Some recommendations for using your social networks


    1. Find the right channel and draw up a plan


    Today social networks are diverse and each of our potential customers can change platforms for one reason or another. Do a previous study and check what is the best route of communication in each case. Find out where they feel most comfortable and contact them through that network.


    Equally important is to draw up an action plan in which people or groups can benefit more. In addition, it is convenient to mark daily goals in which they are prioritised.


    2. Short, concise and attractive messages


    The new technologies help us to contact a huge number of people, but in contrast, we have very little attention time. Do not assume that the reader or your followers have the time to read 700 more words. Be brief, do not overdo the text and try to ‘hook up’ accompanied with good images providing quality, value and accurate information.


    3. Fulfil your promises


    Even if they are simple tasks such as answering a query, commenting on your social profiles, replying to an email, or being on time to a meeting (offline or online), it is very important that you take care of details such as punctuality and forms. Complying with expectations will generate a good reputation, something that every company, business or person wants to have.


    4. No pressure


    Whether it is an email or if you have seen or contacted the social network for the first time, do not take the liberty of sending an email without asking and still less demanding a response. If that person is interested they will contact you, do not worry.


    5. Work for relationship, not goal


    When interacting, a common mistake is to concentrate on getting a meeting or meeting to sell our product as a single objective. In this way, and if the proposal does not go forward, we are closing doors to future successful communications. If we dedicate ourselves to working more the relationship and making the person feel comfortable, even though nothing may happen at that moment, a bond with a probability of success has already been planted.


    6. Identify opportunities to help others


    Networking in social networks is nothing more than a communication that feeds on actions. If during the exchange of information, request of a user or the visit to profiles in other social networks you see the possibility of helping, do it. Introduce those two people who are looking for the same without knowing it and always benefits who you can. This will keep you in the minds of many and multiply your opportunities. As already mentioned, it is about building lasting relationships.


    Additionally, you can increase the number of fans and followers in your social media profiles. This is not best practice, though. But having more fans/followers in your profiles can attract your customers at glance. Do you want to add anything?

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