• What is SEO?

    What is SEO?

    search engine optimisation SEO


    SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which in turn is the name given to the various strategies and techniques that help in enhancing the visibility a ranking of your business website and drawing greater traffic towards it.


    How does SEO work?


    In order to ensure that the SEO strategies provide the most beneficial results for your website, they need to focus on enhancing its speed and usability besides making it clean and informative. The idea is to match the expectations of the various search engines and create high quality and error free websites that are favoured by both users and search engines. The tools and strategies used by for SEO are designed to help your website gain top rankings across search engine result pages (SERP) by convincing the search engine that your site is better than your competitor.



    Why businesses need it?


    For every business niche, there is an endless volume of information and business options available online. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult for your specific website to be noticed by your target audiences, irrespective of the fact that it might contain the most accurate information presented in a highly interesting manner. Using the appropriate SEO strategies, digital strategy consulting and tools help in enhancing the visibility of your website across SERP results and helps in diverting enhanced traffic to it.


    What is a Backlink?

    Put in the simplest terms, a backlink is a hyperlink placed in a relevant web page that leads the users back to your website or a specific page on the site. These links are also referred to as InBound Links and play an important role in enhancing the popularity and visibility of your website. Unlike the earlier times, when the back-links set up in almost any web page were considered by search engines for ranking websites, over the past couple of years, only contextual backlinks established in renowned sites can prove helpful for your online venture.


    How many Backlinks I will need?


    There is no specific rule or criteria to determine the exact numbers of backlinks you would need for your website since that depends on a variety of factors. These primarily include.


    • Your business objectives in terms of visibility, rankings, targeted keywords and even the number of visitors
    • The current position of your business in terms of traffic received and the level of trust and goodwill amongst the target audiences
    • The variety and strength of the audiences targeted by your specific business niche


    In general, it would suffice to say that you can obtain a good page ranking by using limited backlinks on genuine sites.


     What is SEO


    Are Backlinks Good or bad for SEO?

    Using backlinks is definitely one of the most effective SEO strategies that offer the following benefits for your website.

    • Helps in enhancing the website rankings in a significant manner, especially when the links are links are created for individual posts and pages of your website.
    • It ensures faster indexing of your website by the search engines, which can prove extremely important in improving the visibility of the website.
    • They help in generating referral traffic for your website, which is mostly targeted and has a minimal bounce rate.


    How effective is SEO in bringing good ranking for a website?

    SEO is going to make your website rank go higher and better. Some of the keywords that will match your site are placed in the site contents. This will upgrade the visibility of your site at the search engine and will source the necessary traffic for your site. Finally, the ranking of the site will get higher, since more traffic will start flowing in the site. SEO is not confined to the keywords but is extended with the backlink supports and polls too. When all these things are mixed up in the site ranking of the page is definite to go up.


    What is Negative SEO? Is It a threat?

    Some of the companies create spam links of a website and circulate it throughout the search engines. This increases the traffic of the site and increases the rank of the site too.

    It is definitely a threat. If google or other search engines find the website doing negative SEO, it will be blocking the entire site.


    Results of SEO will be reflected in how many days?

    It takes nearly a month or two to find a full reflection of the SEO on a particular website. However, you are going to get the reflection from the second week onwards. In that meantime, the contents of the site are to be developed, based on the keywords and the backlinks will be developed and placed on the site. While doing SEO, a single content or two will not be ideal. For that, there is at least need of 30 to 40 articles or blogs, on the same set of keywords. Thus it will take at least a week time to start doing SEO, and once the contents are ready, you will start to get the reflection, in terms of traffic, with a week or so.


    What’s the minimum word count of a content for good SEO Result?

    There are three different types of keywords that you will need on the site for SEO purpose. The first type of content are the articles. An ideal SEO related article must have 450 to 500 words, with a keyword density of 2-3%. You also use blogs on the site. The readers and the viewers like to go through the blogs, which in length are on an average 250 words. You can also use the Press releases on your site. The ideal length of them is 300 words. Keyword density in all the three contents must be 2-3%, except that in the web content articles. In web content articles, keywords to be placed on the landing page or about us page must be 5-6%.


    What are Page Titles & Meta Description tags?

    Page title in a website is often confused. It is often thought that it is the page URL or the name of the site. Page title is the set of words that you will find at the top of the tab of a browser. It is not the name of the site since it will change in each of the pages. It is the name of the page of the website, that comes along with the website name.

    Meta Description tag is the 160-character website description that is shown in the second line of the search engine results.


    How will Google view the site?

    Google has its own spider crawler named as webmaster tool. The spider or the crawler will be tracking the keywords and crawl through the website contents. It will be tracking the traffic on the site and will rank the site accordingly.

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