• Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Responsiveness Any Longer

    Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Responsiveness Any Longer

    Is your website mobile responsive? If it isn’t, you could be committing one of the biggest errors yet. With smartphone and tablet use on the rise, is it any wonder that it’s becoming absolutely essential for business and leisure websites alike to be mobile responsive? More and more web users are ditching their traditional laptops and desktop PCs in favour of more portable, convenient devices – meaning that your website needs to follow suit. If you’ve ever viewed a site which isn’t mobile responsive on a mobile device, you’ll know how frustrating it can be – especially if you need to fill in forms for delivery and payment details, for example. Here’s why you simply can’t ignore mobile responsiveness any longer.

    Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Responsiveness Any Longer

    It’s in Demand

    Mobile responsive websites are definitely in huge demand from internet users. If you’re looking for a web hosting service such as Smart Hosting, the first thing that they’ll tell you is that your website needs to be mobile-friendly. This is in order to accommodate for the millions of web users who are now spending the majority of their browsing time doing so from a mobile device. And, as all good business owners know, it’s important to give your target market what they want.


    Not only is mobile responsiveness absolutely essential in order to keep your users and customers happy, it’s also a hugely important part of your website’s SEO. Recently, Google have begun to move away from prioritising SEO factors such as keywords, instead placing more focus on those factors which have a direct effect on the customer experience. With an increasing number of web users accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets, Google has made mobile responsiveness an important part of SEO, and favours those sites which display it.


    Having a mobile responsive website doesn’t just ensure that your website visitors have a great experience and improve your rankings in the Google SERPs – it also means that as a business, your website will be more competitive. Whether you run an e-commerce website or a blog about your personal life, ensuring that it is mobile friendly will give you the edge over any of your competition who haven’t yet upgraded. It also allows you to stay ahead – the last thing that you want is for your competition to all have mobile responsive websites whilst you are left behind.


    Having a mobile responsive website is becoming more and more of an absolute necessity, rather than simply an option. By offering your customers a website design which fits their modern needs, you are leaving a good impression of your business on them – you’re up to date and know what modern web users need. Because of this, your customers and visitors are much more likely to trust your brand and business, something which is vital for building a loyal customer base.

    Don’t have a mobile responsive website? There’s never been a more important time than right now to upgrade it and ensure that your visitors get what they need.

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